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Nikitas MagelWhile in graduate school, I began to explore more closely my growing interest in wine, eventually leading me to avid reading on the subject.  On the mere suggestion of a good friend, I decided to fully indulge that interest and, after some inquiring, was hired at the Clos du Val winery in Napa, voyaging out for the first time onto the vast and exciting landscape of wine production.  The experience provided me with a depth of understanding for Northern California wines, but lacked the breadth that I eventually sought and found by managing a small wine shop back in the city, where I tasted and learned a great deal more about world wines.  I eventually decided to pursue formal education in the subject, by enrolling in the London-based WSET diploma course, an intensive internationally-taught curriculum in wine education & business.

Although there's a whole lot of wine snobbery out there, I try my best to be humble in my discovery and appreciation of wine, realizing that the more I learn, the more I have to learn.  Wine is simply something I grew up around, and now as an adult I see it as adding an entirely new dimension of indulgence to the enjoyment that food can already bring.   I also see it as a way to bond with nature: while some find excitement in the sights and sounds of the outdoors, what thrills me is the infinite array of tastes and textures found among wines of the world — as elevated, articulated, and elaborated by talented viticulturists and winemakers alike.  Vinterviews serves as my conduit through which I can share with you — whether you're a casual wine drinker or an experienced professional — everything I find stimulating about wine, presented informally and devoid of pretense.

Having worked now for a number of years in the information technology sector, I've applied some of what I've learned along the way to present my personal passion for wine in what I hope is a compelling and engaging way.  Combining that with my penchant for the written word, I have taken to wine-writing in the hopes of sharing my enthusiasm with readers. v