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Written by Nikitas Magel   

CT:  I want to make something that is profound, something that you may not even know why you like it.  Here's an analogy: there is some design that is so good, you don't even recognize it as design; you enjoy and accept it and use it for it was intended.  And that's a beautiful thing!  I want to create a wine that when somebody pours it, it's seamless — whatever it may be; I don't know if it'll be a Syrah or a Cabernet or what.  I want that to be part of someone else's life, because it's been part of mine.  There's this beautiful thing about wine that settles and slows you down, and let's you to take a step back and go, "Life is amazing."  That's what I like about the wine industry, and I want to encapsulate it.  Of course, it won't always happen because there are going to be bad vintages.  But if I could change somebody's life because they've sat down for one meal and had an epiphany — that's a beautiful thing.  I want the person who opens a bottle of my wine to understand and appreciate the thought that went into it, and hopefully utilize their time with that bottle to maybe even become a better human being — as crazy as that sounds!  Communication is everything.

Communication and connection: core values that have driven and sustained Chris and Dana Taddei throughout their winemaking venture, and ones which they hope come across strongly in their wines.  But they're only one side of an equation that's balanced by the wine drinker open and willing to hear the message in the bottle.  To learn more about their portfolio of wines and how to get them, visit Super Sonoman online.  v

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