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merrymaking with merryvale Print
Written by Nikitas Magel   

Merryvale WinerySF:  In weathering the storm, it's going to be important that we focus on quality, keeping it in the forefront.  Napa is a great appellation and a great place to grow grapes, so it's going to be interesting in the future to see what happens, broadly speaking, with brands here — especially given some of the consolidation we're seeing.  It's a challenge for any independent winery to function and grow, not only because of economic pressure, but also because of the force of larger corporations and the commercialization of Napa.  Here at Merryvale, we've got to make to sure to protect something that's taken 30 years to build its reputation as a Napa winery.

CO:  The thing that doesn't go away is quality.  The Napa Valley is among the most widely recognized appellations in the world, so people know Napa Valley wines and they associate it with top quality.  For people going to the best restaurants, be it in New York or London or Paris, a Napa wine is always one of the ones they consider.  And when a consumer does go into a restaurant somewhere and finds a bottle of Profile that was made ten years ago, hopefully it stuns them and they realize that a lot of effort, love, and great vineyard sites that went into making that bottle of wine, so that ten years down the line, it's an amazing piece of art.  That's the big picture view we have to maintain.

It's a big picture that Merryvale Proprietor Jack Schlatter himself drew years ago.  In justifying his uncompromising approach, he summed it up best: "I've always said that quality is Merryvale's life insurance."  To learn more about Merryvale, its portfolio of wines, and its winery hospitality and events, visit Merryvale Vineyards online.  Photo Credits: Merryvale Vineyards. v


Tasting Notes on the Merryvale Profile Red Wine

Merryvale's Profile is its super-premium Bordeaux blend, featuring the very best of its estate-grown Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Petit Verdot, and Cabernet Franc.

  • 1999 Profile: Immediately striking with its alluring aroma of red rose petals and orange peel, this is a wine whose components have beautifully and seamlessly integrated into a satin-textured experience on the palate with pronounced flavors spice-laden cassis and black cherry, with an prominent overlay of cloves and an undercurrant of soft, round vanilla.
  • 2004 Profile: Though more assertively textured than its 5 year older counterpart, this wine's own mouthfeel nevertheless integrates beautifully with its spicy, darker fruit flavor profile redolent of cassis, black cherry, and cocoa, along with aromas of cedar and vanilla.
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