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Doctor Creates 'World's Healthiest Wine'


Telegraph, UK (16 Dec 2008) — The drink purports to clean blood vessels and reduce the risk of heart attack with each glass.

Developed by Sydney doctor and wine historian Dr Philip Norrie, each bottle contains up to 100 times the amount of resveratrol — a naturally occurring anti-oxidant found in grapes — than a standard drop.

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Make Cheap Wine Taste Like a Fine Vintage?


NewScientist (17 Dec 2008) —  Most people have got one lying around somewhere: a bottle of cheap, discount nasty wine left over from a dinner party just waiting to be offloaded on someone else - or quaffed late one night when the good stuff has run out.  But what if you could turn that bargain-basement plonk into fine wine in minutes?  In these straitened times it could be just the thing a wine lover needs.

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dvds on wine