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dvds on wine

drink well, do good Print
Written by ISAW   

Have South African Wines Delivered to Your Door
By Organization Helping to Build Sustainable Communities Through Viticulture

isaw_barThe International Society of Africans in Wine ("ISAW") is a US-based international non-profit founded to contribute to the socioeconomic development of African farmers and their communities.   The focus is to bring awareness and assistance to transformative social projects within the South African wine industry.  ISAW is an advocate for using wine to improve the lives of historically disenfranchised Africans.

It's not too late to support ISAW by becoming a Cape Collector, just one more way you can "Drink Well and Do Good." Beginning 15 June, ISAW's second shipment of sumptuous South African wines will arrive at the homes of Cape Collectors all over the world.  You too can take advantage of any one of our membership levels, beginning at just $17 and receive premium South African wines throughout the year and delivered right to your door!

When you become a Cape Collector, ISAW can continue to invest in the development of South African farmers and aspiring entrepreneurs in the wine industry.  Consider a Cape Collection membership for the wine lover in your life, Dads or grads!

Each and every bottle is hand selected by ISAW Founder and Atlanta based Sommelier, Stephen Satterfield, and is sure to be a exotic and delicious find to share with a friend or add to your own collection.

Founded in 2007, the International Society of Africans in Wine, is a global, Atlanta based venture committed to the socioeconomic development of African farmers and their communities.  Through wine, ISAW will improve the lives of historically disenfranchised Africans by providing training and resources that will allow native South Africans to own and operate their own vineyards.

Visit ISAW online to make a donation, become a Cape Collector, or explore how their mission will make a difference in the lives of everyday South Africans, while also bringing you unique, artisan wines. v




dvds on wine